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Online Professional Experience Validation.

September 06, 06 by Bharani

I was reading an article in Hindu about leaving an employer without damaging the relationships. I felt a need for the following when I was reading it:

“One-stop website to capture the following input from the employers/employees: Testimonials, Recommendations (both positive and negative), awards offered and Experience validation. All employers can check out the details of prospective employee through this website. The website will act like a certifying/validating/verification authority. “

The benefit for employers:

1. A single point to know about the track records of prospective employees. This will help the employer in easily weeding out cheats from real stars at a very early stage of recruitment process.
2. A mechanism through which they can mark the employees who hop jobs relentlessly, who leave job half-completed and who were fired (kind of register the information in the database). This kind of feedback from employers will be crucial for the success of the concept.

The benefit for employees:
1. A star employee can proudly show all his “approved” accomplishments to the next employer.

Users of the system:
1. Corporates
2. Professionals searching for job.
3. Universities ( May be for recommendation letters needed by some Management institutes).

I have to think over this business need. Job portals like Naukri.com, monster.com can easily incorporate this feature as they already have some relationships with corporates and professionals. But how easy is to collect the data that I mentioned before accurately and timely?

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