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September 01, 06 by Bharani

The name “Bhaxanis” sounds like the name of a supermarket or some business chain?

No, It’s the latest term that I coined, which is specific to my Business Unit. We have 3 people in our team with similar sounding names. Bharani, Bhawani and Bhabani! Except for the middle letter, rest are same. So, Bhaxanis!

As if the similar names are not enough, all 3 of us sit in the neighbouring cubicles! So, If someone calls one of our names, all 3 of us turn our heads…because it sounds similar!

Our seating positions, when joined together, will complete a triangle. I am from TamilNadu, Bhawani is from UP and Bhabani is from Orissa. Join all three states…you will see the triangularity!

Crazy coincidence!

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