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Management Careers @ YellaReddy Guda!

July 31, 06 by Bharani

Market Analysis
The candidate should be capable of doing a thorough analysis of Vegetables/Food items in the market. He should be ready to travel to the shop by foot. He should be extremely smart enough to sort out rotten vegetables from fresh ones. The mindset to apply right techniques to sort right vegetables will be very handy [Like snapping the tail of the lady’s finger to see if there is a ‘tuck’ sound! But should not squeeze the tomato to see if it is good!]. The application of new techniques is encouraged and if necessary we will sponsor the patenting process.

Managing Supplier/Vendor Relationships
He should have good negotiation skills to procure the vegetables at rock-bottom price and should definitely ensure the freebies at large quantities(green leaves and chillies). Performance-based bonus is dependant on the amount of freebies obtained. He should be aware of the fact that MRP means Minimum-possible Retail Price in the case of vegetables. He should talk with Supplier to get inventory delivered at our destination/doorstep. Fluency in Telugu/Hindi is preferred to managed good relationships. Should effectively handle Cash Transactions with Vegetable owners and should buy food in credit from Foodworld/Departmental store. Accounts Payable is ok, but Accounts receivable is absolutely unacceptable. To avoid lock-in effect, relationship should be maintained with multiple suppliers and we should let them play off with each other. Supplier competition is healthy to consumer! That is our motto.

Managing Inventory
The purchased vegetables/food items should be carefully sorted out and stored in the Refrigerator at designated places. The existing inventory should be carefully studied to dispose off any outdated/rotten food items. Once the inventory level falls below the EOQ, the efforts should be initiated to fill the void. The inventory should be periodically monitored to avoid the growth of any fungus.

He should be able to carefully assess the home conditions (like whether people are motivated to work, to eat, etc.,) and make appropriate decisions. The ability to make decisions (what dish to cook) under constrained choices of inventory is expected. He should be a strong leader to motivate others work. If nothing works out, he should lead the people to best possible locations to eat.

Shop-Floor Management
The shop-floor management will be addressed as “cutting-board management” in our place. He should be able to handle tools efficiently. The inventory should be processed in a very productive manner. The requirements should be carefully gathered about what vegetables to cut and what shapes to transform to.

Managing Transformations
This is by far the most important and crucial role. Whoever handles this should be able to manage the transformation of raw rice to boiled rice, vegetables and spices and masalas to Sambar/Rasam/curry. Experience in popping the mustards and dried red chillies is good. He should also handle the intense heat of closed-and-smoky environment, the nasty sound of whistles. The talent lies is avoiding the fingers from getting burnt. Should be able to improvise every time. The multi-tasking is extremely important.

Managing Crisis/Disaster Recovery
Managing crisis is out and away the most under-estimated job. The Clean-up of the mess is important for further operations/missions to continue. The candidate should be able to withstand the sight of vessel mountain. Should use the water very efficiently. Should carefully calculate the washing powder available and consume at an optimum level. The willingness to clean the sink off any vegetable-particles/rice is desirable. There is no better satisfaction than overseeing the entire mess being cleared up in front of your eyes. Guaranteed. The performance is judged based on the shine of the sink!

The jobs are generally rotated except for Decision-making and Transformation management. Once the person is well-equipped to handle the squeezes, he can take over the mantle.

PS: I managed the crisis today :)

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